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This privacy policy was created 13.01.22 based on the following information:


The Data Protection Act (1998).


General Data Protection Regulations (2016).


The UK Data Protection Bill (2018).


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) - the UK supervisory authority for data protection. I am registered with, and pay a data protection fee to, the ICO (registration number: C1084967).


Please note that this policy is subject to change, but an up-to-date privacy policy will always be stored on my website. Protecting your personal data is extremely important to me and I want to reassure you that I take my data protection responsibilities very seriously. I hope this policy promotes your confidence that any personal information is processed in a lawful and transparent manner.




A privacy policy outlines what data I am collecting and why, as well as how I use, manage, store, and disclose any personal data including photography and video images.


Where necessary we may use information contained in emails, social media messages and other correspondence in order to provide a better service.

Chip Creative complies with the GDPR policy and respects your rights to have access to your personal data, or to have it erased or corrected if it is inaccurate.


Chip Creative will only use your personal information to complete our agreed contract with you, and in order to accurately compile accounts, auditing and business operations.

Upon project completion, photo and video assets will be archived onto a password protected drive to protect against unauthorized access. As a general rule, we store all photos and videos so that we can update your projects should they require changes after the contract completion. Should this not be required, or should the client object to this, we will ensure that all media is deleted upon completion of the agreed contract. In this situation we would advise a copy of all media be kept with the client incase of additional work at a later period.

We will never sell your information, and will only pass on personal information at the request of the client. 

Images of individuals, whether in still photographs or video images, will often be caught by the definition of personal data in the Data Protection Act 1998. In many cases consent from the individuals will need to be obtained in order to process (capture and use) the images fairly and lawfully.

Consent will be obtained from people whose image is the focus of the photograph or film.


When filming in public spaces it is not necessary to get consent from people caught incidentally in the background. 

Whilst filming in public spaces, Chip Creative will display notice of intention to film and photograph, individuals who do not wish to be filmed or photographed can subsequently opt out or leave the area.


Should someone wish to withdraw consent having previously agreed to being on film or being photographed, they must do so in writing. Whilst Chip Creative can no longer use the relevant images again, it may not be possible to recall previously created assets in which their image has already appeared.


All content of this website can be viewed without providing personal information. Our blog page includes an option to provide your name and email address, should you wish to keep up to date with our latest posts. This option is not mandatory.

Chip Creative respects the privacy of anyone who visits this website. This Privacy Policy sets out the data processing practices carried out through the use of the Internet and any other electronic communications networks by us. If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to these practices please contact



Please read through this Privacy Policy before submitting any of your personal information to us. You do not need to submit any of your personal information when browsing our websites.

On occasion we may ask for feedback in order to improve our service.

You can choose to sign up for our blog to receive communications from us by email. By asking to receive this information you consent to receive marketing communications from us by email.

You may opt out of receiving information from us by sending us an email at


You have a right to access the personal data held about you. To obtain a copy of the personal information we hold about you, please email

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